Hi, its Cole Haith - Owner of Be Something clothing

The idea of starting Be Something clothing brand came to me when I was in high school.  I was on the cross country and track team at my high school, but I was not very good.  At the end of my junior cross-country season, I decided that I wanted to become the best runner I could be.  I started to train way more than before with the goal of running division one cross country and track.  After a few months of training, I did not have any proof that I was getting better, and I thought about quitting.  I began to tell myself the motto "Be Something" and it stuck with me.  My senior cross season I ended up dropping my 5K time from 17 minutes to below 16 minutes.  My high school team also ended up finishing 25th in the nation.  My senior track season was just like my cross season, running way faster than I ever have.  To me, Be Something means to become the best runner I can be and to make a name for myself in the running world.  Now, this also translates into everything I do in life.  During high school and now college when things get tough, I always remind myself of my motto. 

Be Something